Procurement Process

Procurement process and supplier qualification Overview

  • An important part of our business success is how well we manage those who work on our behalf.
  • We engage with suppliers that comply with local laws, respect human rights, and create opportunities for everyone.
  • Our company-wide procurement approach applies a rigorous set of standards and accountability.
  • We train our procurement staff to conduct prequalification assessments, which help determine a supplier’s capability to provide the required materials or services.
  • We examine a supplier’s operational, technical and financial performance and conduct mandatory anti-corruption due diligence for suppliers.
  • During due diligence, we identify higher-risk parties, gather additional information, and consult with our legal department if further action is needed.
  • UNOC audits a select number of suppliers each year for contract compliance. We regularly audit pricing, safety, drug and alcohol policy compliance, invoicing and travel expenses.
  • Contractors not meeting our expectations may be subject to supplemental training and contractual remedies, including termination.