Ms. Proscovia Nabbanja 

Chief Executive Officer

As a responsible company, we are in the process of establishing a Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) management system in our business process.

Key Principles

We commit to fully satisfy and exceed expectations of our Clients by adhering to the highest standards possible and managing our business in accordance with the following principles;

1. Ensuring compliance to statutory requirements, code of conduct and industry best practice.

2. Operating our business in a responsible manner through proactive risk identification and mitigation to ensure prevention of injuries, ill health and environmental pollution in our activities.

3. Ensuring veriļ¬able objectives and goals on Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment and clear accountability are set.

4. Measuring our performance and striving for continuous improvement.

5. Maintaining an Integrated QHSE Management System that meets requirements of the industry.

6. Holding contractors and ourselves accountable for compliance with our policies and procedures.

7. Undertaking investigation of incidents and drawing lessons from them.

8. Encouraging open and honest communication between all persons involved in our activities and our Clients.

We are passionate about fulfilling our Health, Safety and Environmental responsibilities because it is crucial to our business, employees as well as the societies in which we operate. We strive to establish a healthy and safe workplace where incidents are minimized through collective team effort.

Chief Executive Officer