Our Hiring Process

At UNOC we enable talent through:


We commit to conduct fair and transparent recruitments and employ the most competent candidates, focus on merit, right competencies and the cultural fit when hiring talent. We exercise objectivity in the assessment and selection of the right talent for the job. We commit to enabling and prioritizing our existing staff to favourably compete for vacancies within the company.


We commit to conduct adequate onboarding to ensure that staff are fully incorporated into the fabric of the company.

We will walk the journey with you and ensure you have a budy/colleague to guid and mentor you into the service and culture of UNOC. We ensure that you understand you job and what is expected of you.

Learning and Development

We offer development opportunities to build and maintain an efficient, effective and professionally competent workforce.

We will ensure that your work growth is holistic by encompassing strategic, operational and leadership developing as much as resources and opportunities to permit.

We commit to identify and grow leaders from within through a robust succession management and leadership development framework.


We seek to offer competitive compensation packages as benchmarked in the industry. We seek to periodically review the employee value proposition to enhance their motivation and retention.

Equipping and Tooling

We commit to provide the necessary tools and equipment to enable staff deliver the expectation.

Reward and Recognition

We seek to reward and recognize talent for excellent performance and behaviour. We commit to fairly assessing performance, offering transparent and fair rewards and adopting creative ways of appreciating good performance.

Scam Alert

UNOC does not charge a fee at any stage of its recruitment process (application, interview, processing, training, visa or other fee). Go to www.unoc.co.ug and click on career to see the latest career opportunities with UNOC.