National Content

Our approach to National Content is geared towards ensuring greater benefits from the oil and gas sector to Ugandan citizens.

We are building our internal capacity through internal trainings, secondments, and industrial placements. The long-term goal is to develop in-depth expertise in the oil and gas sub sector. 

We are also supporting incubator programs in association with commercial banks to educate the local companies on how to compete for contract within the Oil & Gas Industry.

We are showing companies how to prepare their documentation, certification of the standards which are very critical because we are dealing with an industry that demand high level of standards.

The long-term goal is to develop the capacity of Ugandan citizens and enterprises in the oil and gas sector by:

  • Supporting supplier development with programs aimed at building capacity at national and community level.
  • Promote internship and attachment in our operations.
  • Support to the Industry Enhancement Centre including Health, Safety, Environment and Quality standards.
  • Support of existing institutions in Uganda by providing knowledge, technology, mentorships and scholarships.
  • Encourage and support the formation of joint ventures between international and local companies to facilitate transfers of competencies and most important of all, technologies.