Ugandan nationals working on an oil rig in the Albertine Graben

We have identified three strategic themes that will enable us drive national content participation in the oil & gas industry in Uganda. The strategic themes are: Build the business; invest in people and partner strategically.

Build the Business

  • Provide direct employment to Ugandans – through UNOC and Join Venture Partnerships (JVPs).
  • Use local suppliers as we establish and run UNOC.

Invest in People 

  • Use local training and development companies.
  • Support establishment international. accredited training centers.
  • Support implementation of the Workforce skills development strategy and plan.
  • Facilitate emergence, growth and capacity of local enterprises and host communities.

Partner Strategically

  • Partner with companies that have clear National content and host community strategies, plans and track record.
  • Provide market access to Ugandan Suppliers.