Kabaale Industrial Park

The Government of Uganda acquired 29.57 sq. km of land to be developed into an oil and gas industrial park, in Kabaale, Hoima District.

On January 15, 2018, the project was handed over to UNOC to lead the development, operationalization and management of the industrial park with a strategic joint venture partner.

The park will comprise of Uganda’s 2nd International Airport, Crude Oil Export hub, Uganda Refinery and Petrochemical & Fertilizer Industries, among others.

UNOC and the JV Strategic Partner will form the KIP Holding Company responsible for Management, Promoting National Participation, Direct Investments, and Promotion and Attraction of External Investments.

In the Joint Venture (JV), UNOC will provide the project assets and leadership on project stakeholder engagement, secure government pre-investment in some enabling infrastructure, provide technical expertise in Upstream & Refinery operations, and National Content leadership.

On the other hand, the JV partner will make Direct Investments into the enabling infrastructure, provide pre-built warehouses and offices, undertake well-structured marketing and promotion activities, and provide Facility Management services.

There will be a land allocation plan and guidelines. An MoU will be signed with Uganda Investment Authority to assist in the promotion of the project indicating investment, business and employment opportunities, and development of appropriate incentives to attract investors.

The development of Hoima International Airport, the Upstream field projects, the East African Crude Oil Pipeline, and associated critical oil road infrastructure provide immediate KIP development opportunities.

UNOC is committed to ensuring lasting benefits to Ugandans and the country at large in this project.