Message from our Chief Executive Officer

Ms. Proscovia Nabbanja

Chief Executive Officer

The UNOC Culture Code defines the values, ideals, attitudes and goals that we aspire to live for the success of our company.

Our UNOC Refine Culture alludes to the purity with which we transact business and how we relate with one another towards a common goal.

We will continually refine our systems and processes, behaviours and attitudes, work relations and styles. These will not only lead to a sustainable and profitable company but position UNOC as an employer of choice in the region and beyond.

I wish therefore to thank the Board of Directors for setting the tone of a professional and admirable governance culture, the team that worked together to define the UNOC culture code and all staff for participating in culture definition process.

I call upon everyone to live up to the promise of ensuring success of our strategy through implementing and adhering to the defined culture code.

Living our corporate culture code will go a long way in setting a cornerstone that enhances productivity, staff performance, motivation and our corporate brand. With such a foundation, UNOC will ensure that it attracts and retains a highly skilled workforce driven by excellence.

With a new organisational culture well defined, there is an urgent and important call to all of us to ensure we live and uphold the values and ethics that govern our daily behaviour and define what we stand for as an organization.