Process safety

“You can decide to take a rain-check on anything else but not SAFETY - which is why we consider SAFETY First.”

We consider safety as a primary concern in our business processes. UNOC is committed to applying the best practices in ensuring safety for its people and the communities in which it operates. We conduct our business in a safe manner, thereby protecting the well-being of our employees and our facilities.

UNOC will manage the energy resources by ensuring that optimal resources are extracted with prudent methods to sustainability and fulfilment of the National Oil and Gas Policy goal. Whilst UNOC will take care of the business aspects of state participation, it will give due recognition to the sensitivity of the areas of operations which are mostly within the protected areas. Adherence to environmental standards is crucial and therefore sound environmental practices will be deployed. Already there are policy direction on gas flaring and prudent technology to drill in protected areas. UNOC will complement on these initiatives.

Having been founded on values of prudence, integrity, transparency, innovativeness and commitment to HSE, UNOC is well placed to manage the state commercial interests and contribute to the sustainable development of the oil and gas sector.