Health & Safety

Our Commitment
We are committed to delivering our operations responsibly and safely, with no harm to people, local communities in which we operate and the environment.

Our Approach
Our goal is zero incidents, zero accidents and no damage to the environment. Our aim is to achieve no harm across all our operations. This is a goal that everyone that works at UNOC strives to achieve every day.

Personal Safety
To work for UNOC or with UNOC, everyone has an obligation to ensure the working environment is conducive and safe to work. A buddy system is encouraged at UNOC so that we all take care of each other’s safety.

Process Safety
The design of our facilities, their operation and maintenance is done properly by professionals to prevent potential exposure and harm to people, local communities in our areas of operations and the environment.

Land Transportation Safety
Land transportation in our industry is one of the areas of high risk exposure. Land transportation safety is therefore a major concern during transport activities, which include but are not limited to rig moves, the movement of people, delivery of goods, products and others forms of equipment.

Employee Health, Hygiene and Welfare
Employee and Contractors' health, hygiene and well fare is our priority.

Management of Contractor Safety
Contractors play an important role in our operations. More than half the hours worked by UNOC are carried out by contractors. Therefore, our ability to be a safe operator depends highly on the capability and performance of contractors.