Graduate Training

Dear current and aspiring interns,

Congratulations to you regardless of the position you are in reading this letter. As a current intern, you have taken an exciting step to define your career path. Well done! As an aspiring intern, you are already exercising the famous quote, “luck is where preparation and opportunity meet”. Kudos! Having been privileged to begin my professional experience as a Graduate Engineering intern under URHC, I can relate to both positions and wish to share some words I hope can be taken as encouragement to amplify your experience in the internship role.

Firstly, embrace the challenges as much as the simplicities. It is normal to feel anxious in this transitionary period between the world of university and professionalism. For most of us, this is  a period marked with uncertainty as we seek clarity on what exactly our next steps will be. Often, this may lead us to lean back into our comfort zones. However, based on my own experience, my piece of advice is to be just as receptive to the learning environment which may initially present  itself as a challenge as to that more like your norm. This will see you developing knowledge, skills and even new interests as you gain professional experience. In my case, I was able to develop my passion to further my studies in alignment to a career fostering socio-economic development  through sustainable energy systems. Therefore, to the current interns, do not let the numerous acronyms and various projects scare you! Ask questions, volunteer for the unfamiliar, learn. To the aspiring interns, do not underestimate your potential. Inquire about the work done at UNOC  and apply!

Lastly, but just as importantly, expand your colour palette. I look at one’s social and professional  network as a palette of colours. Each individual we meet has different backgrounds and  experiences to our own, and thus offers a slightly unique colour to our palette. The more colours  we have available, the more diverse paintings we can create. This is a great opportunity to  expand your network with different interns, technical and support staff. Make it one of your  goals to reach out and build relationships with the people around you.

Congratulations once again on embarking on this experience and remember to prepare and make the most out of this opportunity!

Yours sincerely,

Kassandra Byaruhanga
(Previous Graduate Engineer with the URHC team)