Oil operation at Kingfisher Development Area in Hoima district.


UNOC has a key role in ensuring the sustainability of petroleum resource production and reserve replacement in the country.

In this regard, UNOC is planning to acquire exploration licenses with a view of increasing the resource base of the country. The areas of investment opportunities under this initiative include:

  1. Long-term strategic partnerships and joint ventures in exploration.
  2. Joint service delivery.


UNOC plans to develop expertise in specialised oil field services that are unavailable in Uganda through joint ventures  with entities with such expertise. The following areas have been identified as potential opportunities to achieve this objective;

1)     Drilling Rig Services – Land drilling rigs, shallow water drilling rigs/other offshore drilling solutions, Rig positioning services, Work Intervention Services, Directional drilling, Supply of drilling materials and equipment such as drill bits, drill pipes, drill collars and cone bits.

2)     Well Control and Completion Services - Drilling and completion fluids, Well control, Fish services, casing and other tubing services, Wellhead maintenance and Well completion services.

3)     Downhole Measurement Services - Measurement While Drilling (MWD) and Logging While Drilling (LWD) services, Wireline logging, Production logging and Production testing.

4)     Well Sampling and Analysis - Surface & Bottom Hole sampling, Mud logging services, Laboratory services and PVT Analysis.

For investment opportunities in the upstream, please contact: info@unoc.co.ug