Jinja Storage Terminal

UNOC operates the Jinja Storage Terminal (JST), a 30-million-liter refined petroleum products storage facility at Jinja, in eastern part of the country.

JST is a bonded storage facility, which provides “hospitality” (storing fuel for oil marketing companies) to clients and keeps government strategic stock to ensure security of petroleum supplies. The Company is developing a fuel pipeline and an oil jetty to link the facility to water transport from Kisumu (Kenya). This will facilitate oil imports via the lake.

Jinja Storage Terminal

  • Established in 1970s as a strategic reserve
  • Terminal transferred to UNOC for its management in 2017.
  • UNOC holding 100% interest.
  • 30M liter Capacity Terminal located in Jinja
  • Barge Transportation license Secured, Kisumu - Jinja
  • Petroleum products delivered to JST via Rail – Access renovated
  • Jetty & Pipeline Construction Ongoing


Project progress to date:

  • On December 23rd 2022; UNOC took over full management of JST from One Petroleum limited (OPL) consortium after a 5 year joint venture partnership.
  • License for barge transportation from Kisumu to Jinja already issued.
  • The rail siding was rehabilitated, and the terminal commenced receipt of petroleum products via rail